All ten of the studies listed commenced in early to mid December 2007 and concluded in May of 2008. This research study was structured to address the evidence of live organisms during and after the program. The study required an application of a solution containing Malathion-Oil, a generic fungicide (if fungi were evident) and the addition of The Water Shed Laboratories, Inc. “Pesticide Spray Additive.” This solution was mixed well and applied as a “drenching” application to the plant. This drenching application was performed on a weekly basis for three consecutive weeks in most cases. (In several test studies the application was performed only once with satisfactory results.) The study at Stetson University was the most intense and once the three applications were conducted on a weekly basis, a program was entered into where monthly applications were conducted. Microscopic examinations were performed on a weekly basis and if evidence of live organisms were observed, additional applications were to be initiated immediately. After a single application of the insecticidal composition with the WSL’s “Pesticide Spray Additive,” no reoccurrence or any evidence of the Cycad Asian Scale insect was evident. These results were demonstrated in each study without any variance between studies. The results were consistent and the insecticidal composition performed as expected as described in the patent application.

Due to the difficulty of finding a plant to be sacrificed for a scientific study, the author chose to thoroughly legitimize the study by sacrificing personal plants. These plants were isolated from the general population of the comprehensive study. The controls used for the comprehensive study included five infested plants that were indicative of plants being treated with the insecticidal composition. The control plants were treated in the same manner as those in the main study but without the WSL’s “Pesticide Spray Additive.” The results were predictable and the plants selected as the control perished due to an infestation of the Asian Armored Scale.


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