We have discovered an additive that, when combined in solution with an EPA-registered pesticide, has been shown to be highly effective in eradicating infestations of the Cycad Asian Scale (CAS) insect (Aulacaspis Yasumatsui) as well as other problem insects in the garden and around the home. The additive has been shown to penetrate the insect’s armored scale defense, thereby carrying the lethal pesticide to the fragile insect and her eggs. The Aulacaspis Yasumatsui insect has demonstrated extreme resistance to current treatments. In some cases, various other decorative ornamental plants have been substituted for the King and/or Queen Sago due to the difficulty of controlling the invasive insect.

The spread of the CAS insect has been very rapid throughout the world. It first appeared in 1972 in Bangkok, Thailand and now occupies nearly every country in the world at 30 degrees north and south latitude around the globe. Speculation that storm activity worldwide has had an effect on, and even contributed to, the prolific dispersion of the airborne insect has some validity. The insect has been found in the continental United States, specifically Florida, only since 1994-1996. It has been seen in central Florida since the 2004 hurricane season and has now spread as far north as the Georgia border. The CAS has affected practically every county in the state of Florida to some degree. Coastal counties in the state have experienced the greatest degree of infestation due to wind dispersion of the insect. Commercial growers of the Cycad fronds have been devastated to the point of having to switch crops due to the inability to control the prolific growth of the insects. Insects can number as many as 3,000 per square inch and devastate a large Cycad in as little as a few months, eventually resulting in death of the plant.

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